Wifey domestique and the Euro cyclist.

15 07 2010

Alone in the dark, the euro cyclist slowly trudged along beside the race course pushing his multi thousand dollar cervelo race bike. He had been alone for quite some time, occasionally other Euro cyclists would ride past however words were never exchanged or assistance offered.  The Euro cyclist just continued his slow progress towards his final destination with only the noise of his flat tyre flopping against the road to keep him company.

Then along comes the bubbly wifey resplendent upon her white cannondale CAAD9, sporting SPD pedals, baggy shorts and all importantly an inner tube and a pump. The tube is changed and the tyre re-inflated and the the wifey leads the way home since she was also sporting a headlight.

How typical is this? The first mountain biker on the scene and an offer of assistance is readily given, while the rest of the roadies ride by in their full Euro kit and their noses held high… bah!

Where’s the love roadies?



4 responses

15 07 2010

Fail on the Euro cyclist for not having a team car following. Or at least a spare of his own.

Although, from your recent bitter experience, perhaps several spares, a puncture kit, another tyre are in order?

Full marks for your missus for the tube and pump, although a proper domestique would have thought nothing of simply swapping wheels.

16 07 2010

Mental note……. When riding with the unknown rider pack more tubes. How many flats in the last month have you had??? When did you splash out on the cervelo?

16 07 2010

I wasn’t the euro cyclist. It was some muppet who was too euro to carry his own tools. He had to be bailed out by wifey domestique.

I just got my coghead team kit though, so now I will look the full euro!

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16 07 2010

Tube 100 grams pump 200 grams saddle bag 300 grams it all add up! think off the extra watts it takes to lug all that bagage around.

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