The stumps where my feet used to be….

21 07 2010

Early morning ride this morn. 0520hrs meeting with the Danbot and a roll around to meet some of his work mates before attacking some hills.

I don’t do early mornings too well and wasn’t exactly loving life as I chased one of Dan’s workmates who may well have been Alberto Contador. Then the heavens opened.

In my rush to get ready in the morning, I hadn’t managed to find some gloves or glasses. That is generally ok on the way up hills, but on the way downhill, the spray and air speed cut right through me.

As I got colder and colder, my energy levels tapered and I slowly chugged home at the end of the ride. Taking my shoes off was exquisitely painful as I no longer had any feeling in my feet and as the feeling came back, so did the pain. It wasn’t pretty.

What lessons did I take from all of this? Ummmm, I need more cycling kit. But with money hemorrhaging to finance pie eating equipment, race entry fees and a steady suppy of 29er tubes, I don’t think I will resolve this problem any time soon.

Roll on spring time warmth (except the magpies though).

Happy Trails!




2 responses

21 07 2010
b rad

Thermal socks will fix this if you don’t mind losing some euro-cred.

22 07 2010

Haha – glad to hear someone else’s pain! I tried a ride in the rain on Tuesday night over Gateshead way & got hailed on within 2 minutes of starting.

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