28 07 2010

Have you ever had one of those days? The legs just don’t want to play along and as you will yourself to dig deeper up a solid climb, you look up to see your riding companions slowly pulling away into the looming darkness until all you can see is a red blinking light off in the distance.

Today was one of those rides for me. I haven’t had a bad ride for quite sometime since every time I have thrown a leg over a bike of late, everything has been coming up orange blossoms, fresh morning air and cowbells (that is a good thing). Well, today it came up lactate, salty water and punctures (not a good thing).

It was just an early morning ride with Dawnbot, Steve and Tristan but it hurt…. a lot.

I can’t figure out why I was so under-gunned today. Last week, I was feeling a little under the weather after the Pie Eater and we did a similar ride and I was feeling strong. Today, the alarm went off and I knew straight away it was going to be a tough day at the office. Have I just not recovered from the weekends club race? Did I not get enough sleep the night before? Have I not eaten enough pies in the last  7 months? (It has been 209 days since I last ate a pie and leaves me with 74 days to go until I can eat my own body weight in savory pastries).

At the moment, I am going to go with the insufficient sleep option since I fell asleep on the lounge for 3.5 hours after the ride and still feel tired.

Never the less, big rides are beckoning. I am trying to figure out a 100 mile gravel grinder to do with Danbot as a world champs training ride if it ever stops raining here. There are whispers of Pie Eater 4, I have the JetBlack 12 hour race in a little over a week and then the Vestal 10 hour at awaba a fortnight later. Then there is the oxfam trail walker which I am doing again this year in the middle of it all. I had better keep adding to the sleep bank I think!




4 responses

28 07 2010

As a person who hasn’t been able to ride for a long long time, my heart bleeds to hear you struggled on a ride.

By happy you were riding you ungrateful trend whore.

28 07 2010

Wanna see trend whore? Wait till you see my new Gillet. It’s the full Euro. Once I start wearing that, I don’t think you will even talk to me any longer since I will be too cool for school.

28 07 2010

I try and avoid talking to you now.

28 07 2010

Euro cred up, manhood dies just a little 😉

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