10 days till the 10 hour

11 08 2010

Agggggghhhhh, VVC is only 10 days away. I haven’t even looked at a bike since the Sydney 12 and don’t really plan to for the rest of the week. I am either going to be stupendously rested for the vestal or stupendously undercooked. Especially since I am nursing a mild cold which I am desperately hoping will clear tonight so that I can find some energy.

I had entertained the idea of riding this one on the SS, however, given my history of hand fatigue resulting in ZERO grip strength, I am not quite willing to do it on the rigid this close to the worlds. Maybe I will give it a crack at the 8 1/4 hour race in November when i have nothing to lose.

One thing that has me fired up is the looming battle between myself and Danbot. We had some great battles last year and this race should see some close competition with ‘the bot’ starting to find some form again. I have 10 days to find some energy and then it will be game on!



4 responses

11 08 2010

Might have to employ B-rad to ensure that all of the core values of the VVC are upheld.

13 08 2010
The Dan

Well, I am thinking that I will be shaving my legs and putting on the race face for this one. Surely, that is in the spirit of VVC. The challenge shall be who can get the most amount of laps deducted for taking it too seriously! They will surely be the winner.

13 08 2010

Just mind the trees boys.

22 08 2010

Tidy effort today Rosco. They looked like tears of joy though when we said the course was closed.

Great day though, even if I still stink of BBQ fat after a shower.

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