Build day

15 08 2010

Lots of good work done today. 2 tonnes of road base was wheelbarrowed into some of the low lying areas in the rain forrest to try and firm up the soft parts. It seems to have worked quite well, especially after we ran the wacker packer over it.

Then we moved onto the newest section of trail. We made lots of headway and travelled much further than I had expected. The lawnmower was a massive help, its awesome when you can just stand back and watch the trail appear in a matter of minutes.

There are some interesting features build today. There are a handful of jumps, including a mini road gap along with a nice little rock drop and a half built berm. It should be a lightning fast bit of track as soon as it beds in. To try and help with this, we are going to cut a link from little falcon across to the top of this section so it can be incorporated into the main loop sooner rather than later.

I stayed back to keep working after the others had left. There was some kind of intense mini storm that looked cataclysmic with thunder and lighting and strong winds. It came out of nowhere, rained for  about 4 minutes, then the sun came out and it was like it had never happened. I dug through until it got dark and then headed home.

I carried my bike all the way out there and it didn’t leave the roof of the car the whole time. Its been 8 days since I have ridden, this weekends 10 hour is going to be tough.




2 responses

15 08 2010

That storm hit me just as the ice machine at warners ate my 3 bucks. I opened a can of whoop ass on it, and looked kind of stupid but tough at the same time.

Moral to the story is, I got my ice, so don’t mess with a desperate drunk with warm beer.

Oh yeah, the storm, like a mini hurricane complete with hale, wind lighting (very very frightening). Glad I wasn’t in the bush at the time.

20 08 2010

forget about trailfairy, you are a trail god!-will shout you a beer on Sun. at Kitchener pub- no bulls@#t!!

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