Spring is here

18 08 2010

What a glorious day. So much mountain biking stuff was achieved today.

It started with a couple of laps of Kitchener so I would have some idea where to lead people on this weekends social ride. I did a lap with Brad leading first up and then we did a second lap with me leading. I took a couple of wrong turns but mostly knew my way. It is an absolute maze of trail so heres hoping I can remember all the trail junctions on the day.

The actual riding was brilliant. A little sandy but otherwise perfection. I was riding ‘Bacon’ since I still don’t have a seat on the single speed and I don’t think I changed gears once during the ride. I was really struggling at first and just couldn’t get comfortable, Bacon just felt all wrong. Brad was riding off into the distance constantly and I was smashing myself to try and keep up. On the second lap, I decided to let some air out of my tyres since they were basically rock hard. I dropped them to somewhere in the low 20’s and three pedal strokes was enough to confirm it was the right choice. All of a sudden i was flying along and the bike just felt ‘right’. The sandy berms were now fun rather than annoying and I was having the most fun I have had on a bike in quite a while.

You can see some GPS mappage: here

After the ride, I headed off to awaba to do some more digging. I hung around digging until it finally got dark. I nervously fixed the single track at the bottom of the big berm on the red loop as i constantly waited for a group of riders to come smashing down the hill and mow me down. Thankfully, I didn’t see a single rider and I managed to tidy up that section which had never been completed in the inital build.

I also competed my next berm. I don’t like this one as much as the last one, but it will be functional none the less. It was an amusing build as i decided to make the back of the berm out of rock. I started off by collecting small rocks about the size of a house bricks, then started to get ambitious until I was wrestling with 100kg boulders which I danced and fought down the hillside into position. I’ll probably lose a fingernail after I jammed it between a rock and a tree – you probably heard the profanities from wherever you are reading this.

Perhaps its a little bit philosphical, but I began to wonder how many thousands of years those rocks had been lying in that exact position without being disturbed. I mean, what disturbs a 100kg boulder? They may have been sitting on that hillside for 20 or 30 thousand years just waiting to be made into a berm…. deep?!

Anyway, enough talk, here are some photos. Apologies to Nelly that they were taken with the camera phone and therefore look terrible. I’ll take the real camera next time.

Worms eye view

Looking back up the berm

Looking the in the direction it will be ridden




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