HMBA social ride #3 report

24 08 2010

Well, it was pointed out to me today by a certain bearded trail divining guru that I had attended the club social ride, however this blog bore no evidence of such.

The alarm went off at 0730 and i opened my eyes only to promptly grab at them with my hands in an effort to stem the pain. Somehow the sandman had come to my bed overnight and poured his whole bucket of sand into my eyes. Wifey watched me drag myself out of bed and shook her head at me and attempted to persuade me to abandon the club social ride in favour of more sleep. Thankfully I was not only blind, but deaf aswell.

So I fronted Kitchener only to be amazed by the number of cars that were already there. I wandered around and chatted to all the friendly faces before fulfilling my role as the tax collector who had to ask people for money to cover social day ride licening. Thankfully, everyone was extremely understanding and made the whole procedure much more palatable than I had envisaged.

We mustered for a brief rundown on the days plan and I did a rough head count and came up with 35 riders. I couldn’t believe it, We were chuffed with 20 riders at the last event, so 35 was beyond our wildest dreams.

Since I had raced the 10 hour the day before, I had self nominated to lead the short course. Although I would have dearly loved to smash down some of the hills on the back half of the loop, I knew I wasn’t going to be in any shape to actually enjoy it.

So we all rolled out together in a massive convoy and inevitably, someone got a flat tyre in the first 50 meters. So I hung back to make sure all the stragglers took the correct trail junctions. The plus side to this was that while the big group were noodling along the trail, we were now pushing to catch up and could fly along the trails as they were meant to be ridden – flat out!.

At the rendezvous point, we split the group into short and long course variants. I lead the short course which had 13 riders and we took off in the opposite direction to the long course which was now a more manageable 22 riders.

My little group was were having a great time. They fell off at every possible opportunity, scared themselves silly on sandy berms and big dips and didn’t stop smiling the whole time. There were several bail out points along the way so that riders who felt out of their depth could exit gracefully. As a testament to the course, only flogger took the bail out after the bumps and rutts proved a little to much for his young sons 24 inch wheels.

We finished off the route and arrived back at the picnic area where people ate some food and then decided they wanted to do it all over again. Actually, the family men called it a day and headed to the beer garden at the pub with their family who had been picnicing in the park, and only the ladies were bold enough for round 2.

So our little posse was now reduced to 5. After talking it over, the areas of soft sand were the biggest concern for the girls so I let copious amounts of air from their tyres and we headed out to redo the first half of the loop. There was uniform agreement amongst the girls that sand was now ‘easy’ and everyone was finding much more enjoyment in the tricky bits.

Afterwards, we all headed to Kitchener pub for a meal and a beer in the sunshine. As the long course riders slowly trickled in, our numbers swelled and the conversation and the afternoon rapidly rolled on. Before I knew it, the day was over and I was heading home in the car happy yet tired.

Social ride #4 is in the pipeline, however, for the september ride we are encouraging people to experience pedalfest.




2 responses

25 08 2010

Great day, huge turnout of 35 riders. Thanks to the organisers, and thanks for leading the short loop, great work especially after a punishing race the night before. Short loop enabled the family guys to get back to the park before the kids demolished something.

Pub and beer garden afterwards was a fine idea, although by the time the “big’ loop riders got in we were already 6 schooners in and had to call it a day.

25 08 2010

A great write up mate. I was gutted to have to call it a day so early – those trails were indeed begging to be hit fast! Let’s call my early exit a ‘strategic withdrawal’ before anything got too far out of hand 😉 I’ve told my son he will have to start riding more often if he wants to go on these rides…

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