1.96 kilometers

4 09 2010

Was how far I travelled this morning before my first flat. Ridiculous. Thankfully, it was the only flat in the 70k’s I did, but it was still one too many in my books. Time to start looking at road tubeless.

also: HMBA rider Cameron Ivory finished 16th in the Junior world champs overnight. Thats a massive effort and explains why the only time I see him in the race is the start line. Fellow HMBA rider Trenton Day had a tough race and finished with a DNF on the last lap after snapping 3 chain ring bolts and possibly his chain ring. What kind of wattage is this kid putting out to be destroying drive trains like that? I am sure he was flying and it is a tough blow, but he is young, talented and will be a name to watch in the future.




3 responses

4 09 2010

I would have preferred 1.96km and a flat to the garbage I rode today. Was going to go out on the road bike and dad calls and says “hasn’t been that much rain in here, glenrock will be fine”.

Long story short, I would have preferred a flat after 1.96km so I could have turned around. Glenrock was a mess and I felt guilty being in there even though we stuck pretty much to the management trails.

Roadie tomorrow.

4 09 2010

my front lawn is calibrated to match glenrock’s precipitation levels. Front lawn says soggy mess.

4 09 2010

I can vouch for the fact that your lawn is infact calibrated correctly.

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