The unknown muppet

12 09 2010

Todays Ourimbah reverse lap race didn’t quite go according to plan. My plan had been to wander around talking to people and looking casual – check.Do a quick warm up – check. Get to the start line – Fail.

I binned it hard on my recce lap and it came out of no-where. I was just noodling along behind Gresho and discussing how I wasn’t feeling particularly in tune with things this morning and the next thing I know, I am being ejected over the handlebars and landing heavily on hard ground. I still don’t quite know what happened. the tyre marks on the ground tend to indicate I washed out the front end when I strayed a little wide, however it felt like something went wrong a little before then. I guess it doesn’t really matter now, the end result is still the same.

I jumped up, grabbed my elbow and groaned. Something wasn’t right. I walked it off for a bit then got back on and kept riding. I couldn’t actually hold the handlebar so I wobbled along and slowly picked up some speed as my arm loosened up a little.

Gresh was asking how I was going and I said I would be fine. I’d make it through the race no probs.

We finished the recce and I stopped to chat to Stu and Paula. they asked me how I was going and I said I would be fine, I would do a lap and see how it felt.

I wandered over to the car to grab a drink bottle and I knew it was over. I couldn’t move my arm without intense pain and there was simply no way I was going to be able to race. Gutted. Especially since there was a great A grade turnout and there were quite a few battles within the race which would have kept things interesting.

I handed in my number plate, pinched some ice from the drinks esky for my elbow and kicked back to spectate at this race. My arm was clearly a soft tissue injury so I wasn’t overly worried – at least there are no broken bones.

The race started and it wasn’t long before the first reports of an injured rider started to filter through. Rod Day (ambo & Trentons Dad) headed off to see what had happened and while he was out dealing with a young guy that had knocked himself out and probably broke some ribs, Michael Hogan walked in with a flat tyre and blood streaming from his face.

Michael had burped all the air from his front tyre and fell in a relatively smooth and safe part of the track, only to receive a blow to the face by his bike which jammed his glasses into his cheek, opening a cut and a few grazes. Certainly 10 points for dramatic effect as there was an impressive amount of blood hosing out.

Rod returned with the young guy who was now conscious but looking pretty average. His parents took him off to hospital for observation although I expect everything will be A-OK.

On track, there was a ding-dong battle between Trenton Day and Garry Millburn. They were hot on each others heels and trading places each lap with Garry finally making a gap on the last climb to finish around 10 seconds ahead of Trenton.

The other cog-heads had a great time. Gresho confessed that in his three laps, he did three different loops as the bunting was disappearing and no-one quite knew which way the track went. Stu came across the line and wasn’t sure whether C grade was finished or not. Paula and I had no idea either so we unnecessarily sent him on on a third lap…. he was smoked when he finished.

So my planned day of high intensity training has amounted to nothing and will probably mean next week won’t be a great week of training either. I’ll spend most of the week on the road bike and see how well the arm heals.

Anyway, Happy Trails and make sure you get along to the HMBA charity night race next weekend!




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12 09 2010

See there is your problem. The word “training”.

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