The art of procrastination

4 10 2010

I hate packing for events. I seem to have done it countless times this year and I am developing a finely honed procrastination technique.

This morning started with promise. I actually crossed a few things off my list of pre-worlds jobs. For instance, several months ago, I had an interesting mistake which involved a broken valve and free range valve core which took up residence inside my rear tyre. Today I finally found the impetus to remove it and top up the sealant while I was there.

I also spent some time scratching my head over my front brake which has taken on a life of its own. For all those unfamiliar with elixr brakes, they have some kind of crazy flacid/hyperextension mode where you can push the brake lever outward past some kind of spring loaded detent and have them stay miles away from the bars. Its spooky the first time you discover it (ask Dan as he first encountered it on my bike as he was headed over the drop off at Ourimbah). The problem with this particular brake is that its default position has now become the flacid position, just flopping about in the breeze. The smallest amount of trail chatter sees it pop out and remain just out of reach as you flail wildly looking to deploy the anchors. Thankfully, my usual riding style has me covering the brakes at all times (you never know when a tree is going to jump out in front of you) and I have now done a 10 hour and 12 hour enduro with the brakes doing this. I had every intention of getting this sorted before the worlds but never quite got around to it and I would suggest it is now too late. A quick google search yielded no answers, just lots of people complaining about all things avid, so rather than mess with something that is still working this close to the race, I will just leave well enough alone and sort it out in the off season.

Awesome stickerage

In my efforts to put off packing, I even installed the all important coghead sticker on the back of my car. It looks pretty slick and that design will almost certainly take pride of place on the back of my unknown rider jerseys when I finally get around to having them made.  I just need to find the time to decide what elements I want to include in the image and then find someone with some mad design skillz to lay it all out for me.

My final act of procrastination is this blog post… and now that is done, I can’t really put off packing any longer.




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