Words to live by?

6 10 2010

Al the gear is in boxes and I leave tomorrow at lunch time. Really looking forward to seeing the track, although I expect I will arrive too late for a lap on thursday so I will have to squeeze it in sometime on friday. Somewhere between rego and the rider briefing. What is with a 1.5 hour rider briefing anyway? You start riding when someone says “go” and you finish up when someone says “stop”. All the rest is just distractions.

Wifey managed to put a little encouragement on my bike too:

words to live by?

The Mrs is under strict instructions to keep the blog rolling over the course of the race, so keep checking back for some updates as well as the live timing.




5 responses

6 10 2010
The Dan

Lets hope that Suse included the bear spray if she is channeling Jens.

7 10 2010
Steven P

Goood Luck! I hope all goes to plan and you have a good ride. Don’t forget to take your HMBA shirt for when you step up on the podium at the end!

7 10 2010

Good luck Rossco. I have a few choice words of encouragement stored up especially for you.

7 10 2010

Good luck! Show Gordon and English how a bike should be ridden.

7 10 2010

Slowly? šŸ™‚

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