9 10 2010

Oops, I missed a post. Ha, Ross has just rolled through for his first night lap, the duster lighting his way and blinding everyone in the pits. He has thrown down the first of many pieces of pizza for the night, and i am really stoked with how together he still seems. Meanwhile dan is still out after some friendly local mechanics ie brad and Scott prettied his ride up, and bec managed to get some real food into him. Hopefully the cooling night air will help his dehydration and he will have thrown off the nausea by his next visit to the pits.

Spoonie and dreggsie, both across the way, are both looking good. Spoonie’s crew are dedicated enough to run along with him when he comes in, which is a special kind of support.

Meanwhile brad and Scott have managed to con themselves some official passes from the race director to give them permission to noodle around on the track and make trouble. So if any solo rider hears some gentle heckling in the night, we know who is responsible. It’s not the yeti. Or even a guy on a yeti. It’s the dreaded single speeders…




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