10 10 2010

This is probably my last guest post as the unknown wife. Ross is in the shower, coughing up a lung full of dust and trying to wash away the grime of almost 25 hours spent on the bike. I don’t hold high hopes, but at least he might feel a little more human.

Like everyone else, I am pretty darned impressed with rosco’s effort. He was polite coming into pits, easy to please and to work with. He kept riding without stopping for longer than five minutes the whole race. So good.

I had a great time in the pits, and would love to thank brad, scott and dan for helping look out for Ross and his bike, and for making transitions as easy as they were. Also, it was lovely to chat to all those awesome pitcrews from around transition who shared their stories and their inspiration on a night where we don’t really do that much – but where our absent is really felt by the riders.

It was an awesome event to be a part of, so from me, congrats to all the riders – no matter when you finished you were all excellent; the crews; the volunteers and the people who just noodles around keeping riders on track.

Ross ate a finishers pie, and will no doubt be filling his belly with plenty more from now. But he has well and truly earned it.

The unknown wife





4 responses

10 10 2010

Thanks for the updates, it’s been a great read.

Rosco, tidy work on the result. Awesome effort.

10 10 2010

good stuff well done Ross

10 10 2010
The Dan

Well Done Mate!

It was great to be apart of your success. It looked liked the only time you struggled was when you went over the line at the finish (Good Timing, me reckons). It should take a long time to get over your happiness for such an effort.

11 10 2010

Champion effort mate! Every time I saw you roll by you looked in good shape & still had your sense of humour 🙂

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