The Fling has Flung

16 11 2010

I wasn’t there – I was too soft, the Bot was there however and his race report almost made me glad I didn’t go!

“In a nut shell, the creek crossing at the bottom of halfway hill. I cut my tyre on a rock. That’s alright, I have a tube. In it goes. 1/2 hour later it goes down. Pump it up, ride 50 metres it goes down again. Take tube out, look for cut or puncture. Nothing. Pump up tyre, take pump off valve and remove valve core. Tyre goes down. Put core back in, pump up tyre, ride 15 metres tyre goes down. Walk for 10 minutes, stop and check tube again. This time I find puncture. A piece of metal about 1/4 the length of a staple had gone through the tube. Remove metal, patch tube. Head off. 2 minutes later, tyre down again. Walk again, Stop and check tube again, patch had come off. Put new patch on and all is good till the end.

During all of this I was so frustrated I didn’t drink or eat and ended up cramping like a banshee for the last 20 k’s. Good Times!”

The big news however is the unbelievable time posted by Tristan “I ate 21 Gels and a deep fried turkey” Gribbler. He absolutely tore the course to pieces to post a 5:16 time and finish second in open male. Given the number of hills he smashed , he would’ve been waiting at the top of Mt Ventoux for Schleck et al to finally catch up. Awesome effort!




One response

16 11 2010

I feel the Bot’s pain. Creek crossing in the final stage, had a mental blank and hit it 40 clicks. Double puncture. Borrow a tube, start pumping the front and the valve snaps off ..

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