The ‘not so big’ dog track

24 11 2010

Wohoo- I had a ride planned where I was going to be guide and it didn’t rain! The curse is broken!

Freemo and I hit up ‘the dog track’. Since I have been there last, someone has put in a dirty big cycle way and removed any trail features which I found familiar so we rode round in circles for a while trying to figure out where to ride. Eventually, I spotted some single track which although unfamiliar was none-the-less single track. So we rode it which proved to be a short moto circuit however it did link to something I recognized and we headed off in search of hills, spider webs and more hills.

This proved to be a nice, relaxed ride where nothing whatsoever went wrong. I like those rides! I managed to find the trail on the North side of the Link Rd which I was looking for and did a big loop including super toobz. I ran the GPS just for flogger only to have the ap on my iphone completely crap itself and earn the deleting of a life time. It was some fantastic trail although it proved a little shorter than I had guestimated with the whole loop (minus a few parts at the start) only totaling 14 ks. There is plenty of stuff on the North side of the rd which I rode around so I will have to figure out how to incorporate them into the loop.

In other news, my DIY trail counter is all but done! I just have to set it up. I soldered the last pieces together this morning and will set it up for a trial run this afternoon. Pretty exciting stuff – it will provide the club with a wealth of stats which will give us some great usage data when negotiating with state forest.





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