Spring fat tyre festival: wrap up

30 11 2010

Well, I am still grinning after a fantastic weekend.

So many things came together on the day to give a fantastic event and a fairly major accomplishment for our club. It was by far the largest race the club has hosted at Awaba and  there was some serious scrambling to get things organized. For those on the outside, it wouldn’t be obvious, but some of the committee members spent serious amounts of time out at the track ensuring everything was as ready as we could get it. Top work guys, you all deserve medals.

The carpark which at one stage looked completely relegated to failure by a small purple flower was completed 2 days before the event. It cost the club some serious coin but it will be worth it in the long run. As things stood, we still managed to completely fill this carpark. I was the unlucky parking marshal who had the delightful job of parking late arrivals all the way out to the main road as traffic bottle necked on the entrance road. I wasn’t a popular man, but there was little else we could do.

The trail which had been chewed to pieces in a wet round a couple of weeks prior was all shiny and new after a massive effort by the build crew. In fact, the trail was in amazing shape. I could barely believe it was the same track I had ridden during the previous club round. There are a few spots that are showing some significant wear which will need addressing but as a whole, the track held up better than most other tracks I have done similar length enduros on.

The trail counter i installed seemed to work flawlessly and logged 2540 laps for the day. I didn’t get a chance to calibrate it against a known number of riders, but things are looking promising for some accurate stats on trail usage.

To top it all off, the cogheads had a great day at the office and somehow amidst a see of heckling and trash talk, pulled a one-two finish.

So what is my fondest memory of the day? To be honest, it was the totally ridiculous way I crossed the finish line. Aboard my 12 inch bike, hamming it up for the crowd. A great day. Simply perfect

Could this be my new trademark move?





2 responses

30 11 2010

Tetratheca juncea is easily controlled through copious amounts of round-up. Add a few goats, and those pesky EECs disappear are no longer a problem as well.

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I feel even worse now that I missed it.

30 11 2010

It ended up to be a tetratheca, just not the juncea….. we got lucky

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