Soaked to the bone

2 12 2010

Wednesday was wet. I was in Paterson with Timmy and it barely stopped raining form more than 20 minutes. We spent some time doing a lap of the track so I could show Tim what we had found so far then we spent some time trying to track down some more interesting trails…. success! We picked up some amazing cow trails that headed precisely where we had hoped and will be a real blast once run in.

Wednesday night was our first meeting for the Paterson Classic organizing committee. It was productive and gave us a solid plan to move forward with. Lots of positives.

To top off a tops day, B-rad came over with an ISIS BB tool and we pulled the BB out of my single speed. It was in better shape than I had expected given all the noise it had been making. The amusing point was after the ISIS BB was removed, Brad tilted the bike to look inside and a TORRENT of water came out. Clearly there was still brackish water sloshing around in there from all the dunking it received during the last few months of rain.

I’ve gone EBB now using an old shimano deore 3 ring crankset that I had lying around. The conversion came up looking extremely nice since the bash guard covers the unsightly bolt holes for the 44 tooth. The beauty of EBB is that I actually have the tools to look after it myself so maintenance will be much easier. I will even check occasionally for small lakes forming in there.




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