Coghead Xmas ride

4 12 2010

The dress code for this event was grandpas pj’s and football socks. I have no idea where that theme came from but it was rather amusing as I sent one of my staff out to buy me some pj’s on friday afternoon. The rednecks heckling me from roadside certainly thought the spongebob square pants theme was worth commenting on.

The day started at 0530 when the alarm went off (having had the work xmas party the night before… this certainly hurt more than usual). I was just putting on my shoes listening to the rain on the roof when the text came through with a revised start time. Convenitently, I was already in my sponge bob pj’s so i just crawled back into bed and slept the good sleep.

We noodled around for a while before making our first pub stop at the Matara around 1030. I couldn’t believe the number of people who were already there. I didn’t even know that pubs opened that early! A quick beer and we headed off down the GNW through to Valentine park to meet ‘the bot’ who was waiting with $20.00 worth of hot chips and an esky full of beer.

Beer plus bikes makes Stu into an animal and his high jinx soon infected me as we raced around the shore of the lake. Stu taking the high line above the sand and me riding in the water on the hard gravel.

The next beer stop was at the Gunyah at Belmont. The locals were in fine form and completely hammered by 2pm. To be honest, the place didn’t have a good vibe and our fancy costumes were making us into a bit of a target so the beer was quickly drunk and we were on the road again.

We linked up the yet unfinished fernleigh through to redhead before taking the infamous sand track. With all the rain, it was in great shape for riding and I soon found my rhythm on the single speed and blasted along there as fast as my weary legs would carry me. Some sneaky turns and we were in Dudley at the our second last pub stop.

After having a yarn with the locals we mounted up, rode directly across the road to the next pub and had our final beer for the afternoon. It was a fantastic days riding. Somewhere in the vicinity of 70k’s, a tonne of laughs and beer. What more could you possible want?


Beer o'clock




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