Its been a week since my last confession….

15 12 2010

I’ve been a little slack of late with this blog, things are starting to get busy at work, the Paterson Classic is starting to require some attention and then there is all the Xmas things that seem to crop up at this time of year.

I attended a meeting with “The Syndicate” on saturday who are our event partners for the Paterson Classic. Things are starting to get rolling. The event website is ready to roll, it just needs a few edits and the sponsorship front is looking rosy.

I spent a few hours wandering around in the Paterson bush looking for trail today. I actually found some incredible stuff but I don’t know if it will fit in with where we need the course to go. One of the trails terminates at a paddock in the bottom of a small valley – perfect if you are the cow who built the trail but not really the place we need to head to. The other trail runs perilously close to the side of a cliff about 10m high. Its a sensational bit of trail but too risky to send punters out on in the middle of the night.

By the time I had found all of this, I was exhausted. The heat was oppressive and I was road testing a new bikepacking seat bag on the single speed along with a new bar bag so the bike was probably weighing around 17kg which was fairly taxing to navigate up rock strewn partially formed trails.

The new XT wheelset performed perfectly and despite crashing hard on two separate occasions due to collisions with unseen rocks, I didn’t manage to burp any air. This puts them several steps ahead of my ghetto tubeless conversion and leaves me with high hopes for the next pie eater.

Oh, and the trail counter at Awaba is up to 6900 laps. Either someone has been playing silly buggers, there is a larger herd of wallabies in residence on that portion of trail, or we are seeing nearly 1000 laps a week. Pretty exciting stuff.



3 responses

15 12 2010

I think 1000 laps a week is possible. Everytime I go there midweek there is a number of people out there.

Great to finally get an idea of whats going on though.

Can’t wait for Patterson either.

16 12 2010
David Stevens

Stop your teasing, next time you’re goin’ to PAT I would like to help out, during the week no prob count me in…What’s the big secret anyway?

16 12 2010

No big secrets, Just holding off any major announcements until we get things nailed down. I’d look like a clown if it all went public and then the dates changed or the sponsors pulled out.


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