On the dog

1 01 2011

It’s 3pm and I just woke up. Not because I was out to all hours of the morning celebrating the arrival of the new year, but because I was up early and meeting the Cogheads for a ride at Edgeworth Maccas at 730am. It was all a little too much for me and I needed a little Nanna nap afterwards.

Today we rode the big dog track. So called because Trev is going to need a larger dog if he is going to take it running all the way through this new loop. I have NFI how long it was and NFI how hot it was but I can safely assume that both numbers would be big ones.

I led through the sections on the North of the Link Rd and got quite a kick out of the grins on peoples faces as we rode some exceptionally fun single track. The grins started to fade a little by the time we got towards the end of the North side as it was getting hot and we had performed some serious climbing however the ride through the oversized drain pipe under the link rd soon got everyone laughing again. Hilarity reigned supreme with 13 cogheads in a confined space.

We then returned to Edgeworth Maccas to refill our camelbacks and eat some calories. Then  Mr Gresham led through the spaghetti strewn mess in the middle of the South side. The pace had picked up considerably by this point and everyone was universally popped by the end. It was now over 30 degrees and the road commute back home again was less than pleasant.

Map courtesy of StuLee cartography services




4 responses

1 01 2011

Should have just joined me for a leisurely cruise of Glenrock in the late arvo taking full advantage of the shade and cooling ocean seabreeze.

1 01 2011

Yeah, its time to start night riding some more. Wait until it cools down before heading out.

4 01 2011

coghead rides sound like fun

4 01 2011

Bring your exploding pants and you are bound to have a good time!

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