The long grind

3 01 2011

The alarm went off at 5:15 and I sat there looking at it for a second before I figured out where I was and what was happening. I silently cursed and dragged my sorry self out of bed and onto the bike. The cogheads were departing Swansea Maccas at 7 am and it was going to be a stretch to make it in time if I was going sneak some single track along the way – the idea of a 25k commute on-road on the single speed wasn’t all that tempting.

I attempted to ride the coghead sand trail in reverse by picking up some fire trails off the back of Dudley but took a wrong turn somewhere and got completely turned around. Before I knew it, I was back in Dudley. Running low on time I pulled the pin and picked up some trail which links back to the fernleigh. From there I noodled along the bike path, then the old fire trail, then the pacific highway and then straight into Maccas and head first into a bacon and egg McMuffin – outstanding.

From there we started along the normal Swansea route, took a turn off somewhere and opened a can of hurt on some up and down hills. I had NFI where we were most of the time and can’t even begin to describe where the trails were, they just went up and down and all around. Danbot’s GPS showed 40 k’s for that section of the ride so we explored a lot of nowhere in particular.

I think the most amusing aspect of the ride was my pants explosion. I didn’t just put a whole in them, I completely tore the arse out of them. It was almost like a onesie with the buttons undone. To make it all the more amusing, it happened on a trail which was clearly signposted as YMCA trail. Arse-less pants on the YMCA trail – that’s how I roll.

Somewhere along the line, we arrived back near where we started and we retraced our steps back to McDonalds. From there, I retraced my steps back home. Somewhere along the line, I found enough energy to have a crack at the sand-track. It wasn’t the best day for it since there wasn’t quite enough rain to harden things up so I groveled my way along getting knocked off my bike several times by unseen branches which grasped wildly at my handlebars.

The last section of the fernleigh took forever. As Ben so eloquently stated mid ride “There is nothing worse than a simple speed on the road. You go nowhere and it takes forever to do it”.

Now I have heavy eye lids and there is a fair chance of a snooze this afternoon. There is also a fair chance of me eating my own body weight in food.




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