Paterson Kona 24

4 01 2011

Tonight the event website went live. Exciting times.




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4 01 2011

Nice work Mr Wizard, I may even come out of 24 hour retirement for this one.

6 01 2011

Is it gear friendly?

6 01 2011

Sssshhhhh, 13 will hear you.

I have been doing the reccee on the one-speed and have tried to lay out the climbs as best I can. There is no doubt it is on a hill and it will hurt but at least you won’t get confused with buttons or knock you DANGLY bits off on a rock 🙂

13 refused a ss class.” Time to stop using it as an excuse” he said. We don’t have separate class for hard tails and duallies so pick one fast gear and have at it 🙂

6 01 2011

In otherwords, the fad is over and gears are the way to go.

6 01 2011

You’re such hater :p

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6 01 2011
b rad

“Is it gear friendly?”

You’re kidding?

9 01 2011

No SS class?? What a bunch of arse! I vote granny rings all the way.

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