Watagans to home

8 01 2011

Awesome day. We rode some trail in the Watagans with the cogheads today and then I rode home since I had organized a lift out there with Dr Rob.

The Watagans must have copped quite a bit of rain in the last few days (far more than I had anticipated) so there were quite a few puddles across the top but things dried out was we got down the hill and a good time was had by all.

From there Mr Mclovin and Ttoddy came along for the ride and all was going quite well until I committed my first navigational error. Somehow i missed the expecteded noodly single track and instead put us onto the steepest, gnarliest, rock strewn, rutted fire trail from hell. It just went up and up and up. After 25 minutes of constant pushing we finally topped out and found ourselves somewhere near the top of the downhill track at Awaba.

A quick noodle through sections of awaba and then it was out via Becks rd to Freemans waterhole. A pie, a chicco roll and a coke made a fine lunch and then we continued on. Ron split off to find his car and left Toddy and I to try to find the undetectable single track (I now think I know where I went wrong- third times the charm). This was the second of my nav errors and again it resulted in a leg burning push up a god forsaken fire trail to the antenna at the top.

From there we rode some fire trail, some single track and Toddy and I parted ways at archery rd. I snuck through to ride some cool single track at Killingworth (I need to learn my way around that place much better) and then decided that I really wanted to ride the downhill trail from the top of Sugarloaf.

So I climbed up the old abandoned downhill trail from Killingworth to the top of Sugarloaf, then descended into Wallsend. Freakin awesome. That trail is seriously gnarly in places and a couple of times I had to dismount and walk however it is seriously fast, flowy and arm pumpingly good. Huge grins.

From there I grabbed a coke in Wallsend and punched on to ride the North side of the Link Rd. After that I reluctantly rode some asphalt until I hit Jesmond where I rode up some cool trails to the Hospital, then down through Blackbutt and home.

I have no idea how far it was but it took roughly 9 hours and was rather good fun.





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