Bike ancestory

11 01 2011

This evening I was drafting an email when I noticed autofill on the mail program suggested Scott Chancellor. You might know him from such race wins as the Jeep 24 2010 where he put a lap into Jeebus. This intrigued me. How the hell do I have his email address?

I did a little search and low and behold, I found an ebay receipt from him. It turns out I am riding his old bike. Being the n00b that I was 2 years ago when I bought it, I had no idea who it was that I was buying from.

Its funny how small the mountain biking world is.




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13 01 2011

So now I’ve been reduced to a useful anecdote in a blog post

13 01 2011

I’ll make ya famous !

My whole life is just a series of semi amusing blog posts. 🙂

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13 01 2011

“I’ll make ya famous”

you once said that to the dog 😉

14 01 2011

A mate just bought a Yeti frame off Jared Graves. He thought the name rang a bell then he twigged when (as suggested by Danbot) I told him to get it signed before it was couriered!

15 01 2011
b rad

Have you been googling yourself again Jeebus?

17 01 2011

Did the Padwan tell you that?
Or are you talking about standing in front of a mirror and flexing?
This blog is a daily MUST read, just for the adventures of the Wizards mate B-Rad and his ‘castle 5 days of single track.

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