Paterson: Heat, hills and hurt

16 01 2011

Today I managed to break myself, B-rad and AK.  All it took was a single lap of the track in the heat and we were starting to feel zee burn. Then another 5 hours wandering around with sharp cutting tools put the nail in the coffin. We attempted to rehydrate with a quiet ale at the pub however I am pretty sure it will take several more before I even begin to make up for what was lost.

We made some big changes to our plans for the race track. The old route had some pretty intense climbing along with a seriously steep, fast and in places – sketchy descent.  The descent never seemed to be long enough to pay back for all the climbing it took to get there. There were also some legitimate concerns that it was going to kill someone. We could all see a major accident waiting to happen.

In short, it was going to hurt…. lots! Instead, we have taken plan B which sees a slightly more laid back climb (although it is still going to hurt) but we intersperse it with some really nice traverses (read: they are actually flat). We also added a significantly longer descent and then a host of extra single trail along the bottom of the hill in the most level section of the property. It should make for a challenging but extremely rewarding bit of trail.

The mix of single track and fire road will be just about perfect for a 24 leaving lots of room to pass and plenty of places to eat and drink. We just need to get our dedicated single track excavators in to tidy up the trail because it is seriously green at the moment. There are so many momentum killing rocks hidden all over the place that you can’t keep your speed up and the trail all but disappears at points meaning you need to ride with one eye on the look out for flagging tape and the other looking for hidden rocks.

The newest piece of single track to be added to the course has been named “bovine inspiration” and Brad has nominated the local trail builders (cows) for the 2011 IMBA trail builder of the year award (does that even exist?). Cows seem to have a natural affinity for grade reversals and a knack for following contour lines which is just uncanny. They even seem to understand the need to link places of interest, with their trails almost always leading to somewhere useful.

So the current bits of trail that actually have names are:

Dead bird

The plumbers line

Bovine inspiration

The A-K line

More mildly amusing track names to come……




3 responses

16 01 2011
b rad

the AK line is purdy

16 01 2011

Is there any site for entry or details yet?

16 01 2011

Entry isn’t up yet however the website is

Everything formal and event related will be posted up there. This is just my own personal ramblings in the lead up.

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