Full moon on the big dog.

21 01 2011

I receieved a mid week email letting me know that Mick was coming to Newcastle for a couple of days for work and his bike was coming along. We quickly made plans for a thursday evening ride through glenrock and a friday night ride along the dog track.

It was freakin awesome. It was the first time I had ridden the big dog at night and it was great fun. It’s clearly time to retire the Racking Ralphs on the anthem however. Diabolical was the only way to describe them. Somehow I kept everything upright until about 2 k’s from the end when I entered a corner a little hot, discovered a huge rut, fired the ejector seat and was propelled in an elegant arc into the green leafy undergrowth. The green leafy undergrowth which it turns out was hiding a veritable punji pit of sharp, pointy, angry sticks. Somehow I managed to bounce off most of them like a ballistics gel mannequin in a myth busters episode however I did recieve some awesome prominent scarpes a little reminiscent of Bruce Lee in enter the dragon.

The tunnel is pretty boring at night with lights on, perhaps next time I’ll give it a go with nothing but the strobe mode on the magicshine….. that will liven things up a little.





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