The weekend in review

24 01 2011

I feel totally worn out at the moment. I’m not recovering from hard rides, I’m not getting enough sleep and as my dear mother would say; i’m “burning the candle at both ends”. So I’m having a week off the bike.

Besides, all my bikes need working on at the moment so it gives me a little bit of time to fix them up so they are rideable. I still haven’t got the alfine working correctly. Every time I work on it, it is 10 pm at night and I tired, or I am rushing at 6am in the morning before going on a ride. I am sure it isn’t actually hard to get the thing working correctly, its just that I keep making stupid mistakes (like not tightening one of the bolt up axles) and then struggling to figure out why the cable tension has all gone to crap.  Sleep, time and a little patience will prevail.

Saturday morning saw the Mclovin 1000 coghead ride. 1000m of climing in about 30 odd k’s. It hurt me. I was going OK to start with but started to blow up at the end and was glad when it was finished.

On saturday afternoon we did some more wandering around Paterson with the Weston One Speed Wheelman. Absolutely sensational. The third leaf of the clover is now complete and is the best bit of trail to date. Not to mention that it took about 2 hours and a couple of swings with a machete to find and clear it. I’ve never seen somewhere easier to build trail and the  cows have lead us to some of the most beautiful places the property has to offer. Including a wonderful little A,B & C line that we have dubbed Sesame St.

We are going to need to do some benching, digging and sculpting along one descent, but if we are able to build 13 odd k’s of trail and only have to dig for around 100 meters, then its a massive win. The layout of the event centre is starting to take shape also. The loop through the camping ground and transition is taking shape along with the location of all the facilities.

I’ve got a meeting about the race on Tuesday with the organizing committee and again on Saturday so expect an announcement on entires fairly shortly. Oh, and tell everyone you know about the race. Its going to be one hell of an event.

Sunday saw a token appearance at the DH build day. By the time I had walked to the top of the downhill trail, I was ready for a nap and since all my tools are laying out beside the XC trail, I didn’t have anything to work with. I borrowed what tools I could, laughed at XC riders when prompted and generally just got in the way. It was a good morning however I needed a 4 hour nap to get over it afterwards.




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