The excitement builds: Patto a go-go

26 01 2011

The most recent Paterson meeting was on Tuesday night. Everything is on track and humming along nicely. In hind sight, it probably wasn’t very smart of me to schedule that particular meeting on my 8th wedding anniversary. Thankfully I have a very understanding wifey who is also OK with the fact that we are cutting short a weekend in Sydney to see Sufjan Stephens at the Opera House on friday,  in order to attend another meeting on Saturday morning. I’m a lucky guy 😀

With the help of Sammydog, the online registration is now setup and will open on monday morning. Click here to see the entry page

I updated the event website and spent a long, long time (far, far to long) trying to figure out why a link wasn’t working. It seems I was foiled by an errant “/” which had slipped in under the radar. I hate online html thingos, it does my head in.




4 responses

26 01 2011

Copping a 404 when I click on the event website link in your post.

27 01 2011

Yep, all fixed now.

26 01 2011

Works for me………lets hope rosco didn’t balls up the online entries too much.

27 01 2011

Suze is a goddess

but you’re a bitter old creature samoir

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