I’ve been through the desert on a post with no name…

9 02 2011

I think this has been one of my longest periods without a new post. With the successive run of 40+ temps and the resultant insomnia from our overheated bedroom oven, I just haven’t had any interest in going for a ride at all. Ideas for the Kona 24 have still been kicking around in the back of my mind however. Lots of things to get done and so little time to make it happen.

Today I managed to get up to Paterson as the cooler temps were much more conducive to swinging hand tools at the scorched earth. There is lots of things to get ready for the major working Bee on Sunday Feb 20th. If anyone has any spare time on that day, please please come along for a couple of hours and help make the radest trail ever!

I spent time with clippers clearing all the skin tearing branches away from the trail today and at one point I was so engrossed in my battle with a particularly virulent piece of lantana that I completely overlooked that I was standing in the middle of a bull-ant nest. For anyone who hasn’t come across these things before, they are about the size of a small cat, can jump further than a grasshopper, have the temper of the hulk and have been known to steal peoples babies while they are sleeping. I remember being bitten by these things as a kid and there was always tears before bed time.

When I realized what I had done, I looked down and my legs had disappeared from the knees down. I was being completely swarmed by them and they were successfully biting me through long pants, possibly even through steel capped boots. In a state of panic, I ran around like a headless chicken swatting wildly at my legs and generally making a fool of myself. Desperately hoping they were all outside my pants…. thankfully they were.  Since their nest is right in the middle of the trail, there is going to have to be some kind of chemical warfare waged in the next few weeks because that was an experience I don’t care to repeat.

I also spent some time digging Tinas berm (This is not a switchback). There were tons of rocks to build a nice solid backing and after an hour or so, there is a nice little berm that should really take some of the sketchiness out of an otherwise unrideable little link between two trails. As with every berm, it would be better again if it was bigger so if anyone wants to tackle this little project on the upcoming build day, it will be ready and waiting for you (I’m looking at you Landon 🙂 )

Happy trails!




3 responses

9 02 2011

Farkin Switchback?


10 02 2011

Fraud !

10 02 2011

there’s just no comeback for that

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