Bogans giveth so I can taketh to Paterson

16 02 2011

Today I did some reverse rubbish dumping. I knew of some ornamental concrete bessa blocks which had been dumped near the side of the link road next to an access trail. I had often thought they would be perfect to armor a berm should the need ever arise.

Having seen what happened to the berm track at the world 24 champs last year, it was pretty clear that TINA’S berm at Paterson wasn’t going to be a very successful trail feature by the sunday morning of the upcoming 24. I could just picture the brake ruts and exposed rocks that would be decidedly unpleasant to a tired rider.

So I loaded the long suffering Subaru Outback full of blocks and dropped them out at Paterson ready for this Sundays build day. Somehow I managed to get the car down the rock and clay strewn hill without ripping the rear bumper off (which is only held on by zip ties nowadays) since the blocks had the suspension sagging an awefully long way. There were a few hairy moments when the car started crabbing sideways through some ruts on some form of frictionless surface however we both lived to build another day.

I’ll get some photos once everything is finished, alternatively, you can come and help build it on sunday.






4 responses

16 02 2011

Dude I’m there on Sunday to help can’t wait… Boots n’ all

17 02 2011


17 02 2011

Now that just sounds like something you might find on


17 02 2011

I go urban commando all the time. Jocks are just too restrictive.

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