Enduro Pulse + Paterson Kona 24 = good things

17 02 2011

Happy days,

I just received confirmation that Enduro Pulse have signed on as media partner for the Paterson Kona 24. This is an exciting development for the event and I may have celebrated with a beer and a little dance in the Kitchen.

I also just got an email about a 12 hour race in Armidale in early march which actually has me thinking about getting back on the bike after my current 3 week slump. I’ve never ridden in Armidale and a 12 hour race makes it worthwhile driving all the way out there. I just need to swing the monday off work and then i will be all over it like an ill fitting cardigan.

See you all on Sunday at the build day (except Charlie rides a bike;  living 15,000k’s away is a sufficient excuse to miss this particular event)




One response

21 02 2011
Enduro Pulse

Happy to be aboard supporting the Paterson Kona 24. I’m following the track build reports within interest and can’t wait to see it unfold. If you’ve got some good pics send them over and I’ll put them on the site.


Craig Baylis

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