First Paterson Build Day

20 02 2011

Today was the first time the build crew were let loose on Paterson and I have to say it was impressive to behold. We had nearly 14 builders on site and we covered more ground and built more trail than I had dared hope for. Obviously there is still a shite load of work to go, but i am buoyed by todays results. It was freakin hot out there however, it wasn’t too bad while the cloud cover held, but once the sun poked its head out – temps were quickly nudging 40 degrees.

Unfortunately for us, the sun decided to poke its head out while we were out riding. After all the hours of trail building, we didn’t have a lot left in the tank and the heat simply vaporized us. It was ugly and we were all out of water and interest so we got the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

We got some great photos however,  which you can find here

T.I.N.A.S (this is not a switchback) berm was armored. I didn’t really get to ride it in anger, but I think the lines still need to be tweaked a little. Its going to be fun when we get it right however. Here you can see Mr Mclovin working his magic.






2 responses

21 02 2011

If you plan to help on a build day remember these 3 lines.
1. Don’t leave home without your undies…
2. If your bring a pick make sure the handle is at least hard wood..
3. Be nice to Brad cos’ he supplies icy cold coke…Cheers bro

21 02 2011
Doc Rob

Pic on main page not working but the ones you link to look awesome mate!

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