The last snipper left standing

6 03 2011

Three snippers started the morning, one was left running by the end. Mclovin and Flogger dusted off their respective geriatric whipper snippers and it didn’t take long before they need some TLC. Eventually they fired up again however it wasn’t long before the end – Flogger was lucky to avoid being strapped to a 2 stroke fire stick as fuel spontaneously started pouring all over hot engine parts and Mcloving snipper was felled by line feeding issues.

That’s not to say I had smooth sailing, I suffered the whipper snipper equivalent of a pinch flat about 10 times when I sheared off the cord against hidden rocks along ‘dead bird’ and was left cursing my own foolishness when I destroyed my earmuffs while taking the harness over my head as I simultaneously noticed the quick release mechanism for the harness for the first time. That is despite having logged over 20 hours of whipper snipper duty this week – I’m not so smart.

Anyway – unreal progress was made again today. I was having such a good time that I forgot to take many pictures however I did remember to get a single happy snap so a solitary photo will have to do. Enjoy!

Wait until you see the A, B & C lines at the end of this section. To quote a certain bearded pie man "best trail ever! I shit you not!"




3 responses

6 03 2011

Twas indeed great progress today. Shame you & McLovin couldn’t have dressed up a bit more for the occasion – I do hate having to slum it….

6 03 2011

I was dress accordingly shorts and tee shirt Wrong! shorts and wiper snipper don`t mix my shins where peppered with by high velocity projectiles all day And Flogger and I had the pleasure to meet a member of the local reptile population a beautifully little red belly black snake a top day building trails.

6 03 2011

The Ronster took the ‘hard man’ award! Wearing shorts while using a snipper with no shield takes some stones. Flogger took out ‘best dressed’ in the Van Heusen business shirt while I took out the ‘petrol sniffer award’ after leaking over a liter of petrol into the boot and getting high all the way to the build site.

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