Online entry systems… bah!

10 03 2011

Well, I doubt anyone actually noticed, but entries for Paterson were closed today for a short period of time. While we still have heaps of space left, there is a heap of ‘junk’ entries in the background where people have partially entered some details and then abandoned the process. There were so many that it reached the rider cap and closed the entires. Stupid computer!

In case anyone missed the posts on the event website, there is a build day this saturday. I will have plenty of spare tools for anyone that needs them although if you are anything like me,  you will have a very ‘special’ relationship with your trusty tool and couldn’t imagine life without it and will bring your own no matter how new and shiny the loan tools on offer are.



3 responses

10 03 2011

I said that would happen, but as usual no one would listen to me.

Maybe now you will heed my advice.

10 03 2011


10 03 2011

Then you shall forever FAIL!!!!!!!!!



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