Paterson build day #2

12 03 2011

While numbers were smaller than last time, enthusiasm counts for a lot and we made some sensational trail today. Most of the work focussed on AK’s forrest which is a stunning little microclimate full of moss covered rocks, maiden hair ferns and a dense canopy of shade. It also had a fossilized cow trail which needed unearthing that gently meanders through it and it proved to be a a lot of work in rocky soil.

We also buit a neat little causeway out of ye olde nanna’s cottage. In the old quarry there is some hand cut sandstone blocks with many still bearing testiment to the fact that it was once an inhabited building including some blocks which still show old plastering and many with wall plugs. The blocks are quite large and take 2.5 men to lift. Unfortunately it was just B-rad and I doing so and there was some sandstone  vs ‘ute tail gate’ interface which ended with a swollen bruised and most probably broken single speeders finger. Luckily he doesn’t have any buttons on his handlebars to worry about pressing so he should still be able to ride.

The best thing about the causeway is that it nicely aligns with a embankment on the other side which is going to see some excavation in order to produce another memorable berm. I’m pretty excited about this one and can’t wait to get started on it.

I was too buggered to do any more work by 3pm so I took the camera for a walk however the sun had finally come out and the dappled sunlight wasn’t doing any favors to trail photography. Never the less, here is the best of a rather average bunch of happy snaps which gives some idea of what to expect come race day.  You will notice that the trees are quite close to the course in several places and it has become a running gag that every riders should trim their bars to a ‘standard cow width’ (which I suspect is somewhere close to 680 mm) otherwise it is going to be a tight squeeze in several places.




4 responses

13 03 2011

You have to move with the times wide bars are the bis boys!! Is this discrimination against All Mountain riders by the Lycra wearing weight weenie narrow bar use`n xco crowed.

13 03 2011

Yes, yes it is. Deal with it :p

13 03 2011
b rad

my bars aren’t getting chopped and they’ve been through there pre bench

you’ll be alright mclovin

13 03 2011

Just gotta roll thru Ronnie 🙂

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