Un Zudd here I come!

13 03 2011

I almost forgot to mention amongst all the Paterson talk that I’m off to New Zealand in a mid April. I just booked everything 5 minutes ago and the excitement has just started to build. Day 1 will see me at a conference and days 2-11 are going to be me all my by lonesome with a campervan, a road atlas, some trail maps and a bike. It is going to be rad.

Since I am fat and unfit at the moment, I had better start doing some commuting to work on the roadie so I have some form of legs for this grand adventure. Happily, I will be in Rotorua on the weekend which means there is a shuttle bus to get my fat arse to the top of the hill repeatedly so little red riding huck is going to see some rusty skills and spectacular spills.

I’ll also be making stops at Lake Taupo, Wellington, Auckland and wherever else takes my fancy. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

I expect to spend my evenings blogging, uploading rad photos and savoring a quiet beer (Nice and cold from the fridge in my campervan… no more wicked campers and shitty esky’s for me). I think I will be taking the anthem for this trip (and very little else since I only have 20 kg’s of checked luggage).

Anyway, now it is time for me to check in the with Dr Rob of The Motor Cortex and see if he requires any cardiac meds after Looping the lake on the back of his solids couple of weeks of commuting to work (A grand 4 k round trip).




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13 03 2011

I need inotropes. Stat.

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