Science berm

23 03 2011

Lots of rocks were moved today. Lots and lots of rocks. Dad and I were trying to fix the lower TINAS berm and it wasn’t an easy job. There had been a couple of half hearted attempts to get this working but it was time to have a real go. I used a rope anchored at one end as a giant compass to ensure we kept a constant radius. We moved some BFO rocks to form a stupidly solid backing for the berm and it all turned out really, really well. We were broken men when we finished but it was the last piece of the puzzle that needed to be sorted before this weekends race so all systems are now go.

Friday will see us bunt the course to ensure no one gets lost and accidentally ends up in Vacy and then I can put my feet up and have a nice weekend away with the Mrs since I can’t actually make it to the race. By some confluence of Murphy’s law, the race fell on the same weekend as a conference I had booked many months ago so I will have to rely on second hand reports to find out how things went. I sure hope everyone enjoys themselves.

If anyone takes a camera along to record the action, send me the pics as I would be most chuffed to see the course being ridden in anger.



3 responses

24 03 2011

Might as well just cut off your legs now. You never use them to ride.

Leonard Jr could probably do the same πŸ˜‰

25 03 2011

Hey, just because I go for quality rather than quantity, doesn’t mean that I don’t get out on the bike.

I’m just fussy who I ride with and none of you are good looking enough.

25 03 2011

We don’t go to his closest pie shop either πŸ˜‰

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