Paterson wrap up

28 03 2011

Well, it seems from the chatter on roto-farkin that quite a few people enjoyed themselves at this weekends 3 hour. Unfortunately, I was elsewhere and am writing a wrap up based on a couple of phone conversations I have had with people who were actually there.

It seems that no-one liked Tuesday hill….. <insert sarcasm>I can’t figure out why that would be<end sarcasm>

It seems that nearly every single person had a crash or their life flash before their eyes. I can understand why, trying to bust out a hot lap with zero chance to do a recce is a tough ask.

A few sections fell apart and need some work. This is a good thing, at least we got to identify them early enough that they can be fixed.

I still haven’t ridden a lap of the track, In fact, the E graders have now done more laps of the course than I have.

We will run a social ride in April at the property so people can have a chance to test out their courage and climbing legs without having to run at race speed. I might even do a lap during that ride.





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28 03 2011
Simon Finlay

The first piece of single track (ST) before TINAS 1&2, i gotta say is super sketchy. The whole trail from there to the first open paddock, IMHO, needs some more leveling and widening. I had been expecting some of the track to go in a diferent direction, below the first fire road climb back to the “Saddle”. You GPS track showed some good ST through there rather than a blatant fire road grind. (it was on this road 2nd time round that I had my “stupid clipped in fall at 0km/h resulting in blood gushing like a gurnie out of my elbow” stack. RACE OVER.
Yes Tuesday Hill is a pain, but very well worth the effort for the reward. Some sections heading from the bottom of the steep DH section to the dam are very marginal, but probably more due to the newness of build rather than techniques used.
Your bearded friend has a photo of my elbow sprouting tomato sauce in the pits, I would love to see any shots anyone got of it.



29 03 2011

I agonized over the climb back out of the valley. I wandered around in circles for ages trying to find a single track climb that was a better option. The problem is the shape of the valley, there is some reasonable noodly single track/fire road that runs back up the hill however the hills soon starts climbing exponentially and before long, your faced with a wall that makes Tuesday hill look like a downhill track. For the time being, that fire road (as shite as it may well be) is the best option.

Ultimately, I’d like to remove the drop down into the valley all together and just go up the hill. I just don’t quite have enough track to make that happen yet. Perhaps next year.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the track despite the injury. I hope it’s healing up well.

29 03 2011

I agree that particularly in my first lap that section before the berms was sketchy, and will need a bit of work. Perhaps not as much as I initially thought though, as by my last lap some fairly direct (DO I HEAR PLUMBERS??) lines started to open up.

29 03 2011
b rad

los neumáticos grandes had no problems with any of the trail

do peeps need to rethink that durable and aggressive tyre choice will benefit them on a non homogenised trail?

30 03 2011

I didn`t have any trouble with the trail only with the width of my bars but we wont go there!! One thing I will say is the faster you go the better the trail flows aks was one example as for the fire road climbs no trouble thanks to my wide aggressive tyres and 24/36 gearing. please don`t dum it down me like it just as it is.

30 03 2011

Did your bars fit on the fire trail sections or were they hitting fence posts?

30 03 2011


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