Cinderella berm

6 04 2011

Paterson digging today. The berm that died a horrible sandy death at the club 3 hour has been finished. A further 2 layers of blocks have been laid below the blocks that were there originally and the whole thing has been top dressed with road base. It is now bullet proof .

Cinderella berm is finished

I’m desperately running out of time. The Mont 24 is this weeeknd, NZ next wed. No time to get all the things done I need to!




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7 04 2011
Simon F

NOW that looks stunning, cause on the day of the 3hr, after every rider dragged their brakes through it, that thing was a death trap. Is that the first or the second berm?

Stitches out, wound healing well. Riding the OAKS at Woodford this weekend and going to try to get up to the Patto social ride weeekend after.

7 04 2011

See at the MONT bad boy!
I’m in a drinking mixed 6 and I’ve pulled the midnight till 4:00am shift, so say hi when you see me, as I may not see you 🙂

7 04 2011

I’m in the “haven’t ridden a bike at all in 2.5 months” team. So say hi when you pass me sitting on the side of the trail cramping and crying for my mum

7 04 2011

Sounds like Lenny on a pie shop ride…

8 04 2011

Hey, I resemble that statement.

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