Mont 24

12 04 2011

THis is just a quick post to stave off a long drought between posts. In the last 2 weeks, I have barely had time to sleep let alone blog however the end is in sight. Tomorrow I leave for UnZudd and it will be a delicious change of pace from the frenetic pace of the last few months.

At this Mont, I did everything that I said I would never do again last year…. Drive down on the friday night, drive home on the sunday, be fat, be horrendously unfit etc etc.

My team were on fire and we jagged a 7th place finish but I can’t help but wonder where they would have ended up if it wasn’t for yours truly.  I was in a very ugly head space for most of the weekend which I guess comes from starting an endurance event when you are already exhausted.

Thankfully it poured with rain on the sunday morning and as I sat in the 12 degrees temps dodging rain dripping of marquees, I complained some more. But I sucked it up and went out on my lap only to discover I was having the time of my life. There were wet rocks and roots everywhere, the off camber corners were extremely skatey and all of a sudden the trail was interesting. The dust had been settled (which had caused real problems with my asthma) and while most people were grumbling about expensive drive trains which dissolve in water, I was throwing caution to the wind and sliding through every corner.

Some of this fun was down to preperation. After two years of faithful service, my 3000km old racing ralphs were finally replaced. Thankfully I put on a ‘trail’ tyre for my NZ trip which was just perfect for muddy conditions. The ardent up front and crossmark out the back inspired confidence in the slop and I can only think how much more ‘exciting’ it would have been on bald Ralphs 🙂

The bike went to car lovers last night for a thorough clean prior to boxing tonight for my flight on wednesday afternoon. Hopefully I will be posting daily while OS with pictures of trails that you aren’t riding (unless of course you are Chris Aitken who will be over there too).

Anywho, that is my 3 minute update and I’ll breathe some life back into this blog shortly.

Over and out




2 responses

12 04 2011

Your reaction when you came back from that wet lap was unbelievable. “Sliding on my backside, two wheel drifts! It was the most fun ever!”
I had never heard anything like that at a bike race.

14 04 2011

Haha – nice one. Enjoy the trip mate.

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