Puddle bashing

30 04 2011

This crazy weather continues and my new found interest in riding was not to be foiled. I broke out the secret speed and went for a pedal through all manner of puddles and mud near the golf course. Of course, the secret speed started acting up again in low gears and it took all my self control not to throw it into the nearest creek. I will be getting rid of the alfine very shortly I suspect as it just isn’t worth the heart ache. I’ll flog it off cheap with full disclosure and I am sure someone out there with better knowledge than I will find a way to  make it work (or just use it as a paperweight).  Of course, with the Aussie dollar so strong, Rohloffs are now down to about $1500.00 Aud so there is every possibility I might start playing with one if I can persuade the minister of finance. Then again – that same amount would get a lovely titanium 29er frame which I clearly need to do tour divide on 🙂



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