The alfine rides another day

1 05 2011

Last night I put a despondent whining post in the internal geared forum on MTBR describing my stupid hub problems. The first reply wasn’t a great deal of help however the second one was a useful motivator. I’d been thinking that my cable routing was a little suspicous however I was just too lazy to do anything about it. After all, it is much easier to whine about problems on the internet than do something about it.

So today I bought some new inner/outer gear cable and tried again. I was very careful to keep a lovely smooth radius around the bottom bracket area and I also fabricated a little cable guide to keep the cable in the right spot on a particularly curvy chain stay. So I took it out for a spin and tried to provoke it into misbehaving. I got the occasional clunk out of it however it was an order of magnitude improvement over yesterdays ride. I was actually able to find and use 2nd gear as I groveled along some of the single track next to the Fernleigh cycleway.

It was pretty slippery and muddy however my tyres were doing a whole lot less damage than the motos who usually ride it. It’s some great trail and if you haven’t poked around in there before, you should take the time.

DIY cable guide



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