10 seconds and a deep breath

5 05 2011

I have calmed down enough now that I won’t fill this blog with all manner of expletives  like I fantasied about all the way home from work.

I was minding my own buisness riding somewhere between Hexam and Heatherbrae on a long, flat, straight piece of road when out of no-where a motorbike rider buzzes me doing over 100kph. He had to come almost 1 meter out onto the shoulder with his horn blarring at me. WTF?

Of all the other road users who I would expect to have some degree of empathy for the frustration when other motorists who do idiotic things and try to kill you, I would have though it would have been motorbikes. Evidentially this guy has a lot of growing up to do.

Despite all my intense praying, the traffic lights up ahead failed to change in time for him to be caught between a red light bulb and my fury. It is probably a good thing because there was every chance of a news story in tomorrows paper outlining how a cyclist assaulted a motorbike rider leaving him pinned under his motorbike while the keys were thrown into a nearby dam. I really don’t need a criminal record although at times it almost seems worth it.

Hopefully karma will see him on the wrong side of a B-double in the not too distant future.





One response

6 05 2011

Must be the week for it – I had a bunch of abuse & horn blowing hurled at me by a ute-driving tradie on Wed morning. Stopped & had a calm ‘chat’ to him at the next set of lights – turns out that he was totally insane & unable to explain exactly what I’d done to upset him… apart from being on a road bike & on a road…

I laughed heartily as traffic backed up due to a broken down car & I was able to scoot past him. Karma delivered rather swiftly.

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