Needle in a hay stack

18 05 2011

We arrived at the event centre this morning to find Josh wandering around the paddock kicking grass and muttering to himself. It turns out that the wheels had literally fallen off the tractor shortly before we arrived and the critical part to put the whole thing back together was missing.

The missing part was about the size of your fist and Josh had been looking for it with little luck. You’d think it would stand out clearly in a freshly cut field however there was no sign of it anywhere.

Fast forward an hour and with three of us looking, it was beginning to look like a lost cause when dad managed to locate the bearing that was part of the assembly. How the heck we had walked over it a dozen times before and not noticed it was beyond me.

A few minutes later and luck shone upon as as we discovered the part out in the shrubs after the slasher hit it, flinging it a long way away from where we were looking.

Hopefully the tractor will be back up and running tomorrow and the paddock slashing will be finished.

Roll on Saturday midday




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