Yep: It’s over (i checked)

23 05 2011

Just to makes sure that all was OK, I poked my head into Paterson today to help with some more clean up. Picking up Gu packets, pulling down bunting and finishing rubbish removal from the paddock.

I found the tractor and the bad arse army water tanker thingo pulling the toilet trucks out of the paddock after they became rather bogged. A couple of lessons were learned from that experience regarding requirements for truck positioning next time.

The rain overnight had made the track super slippery as the accumulated dust turned into teflon and I nearly fell over several times as we walked the trail down into the valley. Thank god the weather was kind for this race!

I spent the morning reflecting on all the fabulous moments from the race and checking the rotorburn chat to see what people felt (pain seemed to be pretty high on the popular topics list). I think the overwhelming feeling of relaxation that came over me immediately after the race started was the stand out. All the planning and preparation had finally finished and I could now spend some time enjoying myself.

Watching the lights of people descending off the hill and returning along towards transition from cog town was another special moment.

Taking a social lap with Jeebus mid morning after I fired up on coffee was another great moment. I had cunningly let several thousand wheels before me work the track into shape so I managed to hit it at the perfect time.

I think the low light was any time a rider was injured. There was remarkably few injuries for a race of this size and most seemed to be relatively minor soft tissue problems with the exception of Steve who decided it was a good idea to crash hard on TINAS and tore his leg open. He didn’t seem to phased by it however as he wanted to head back to transition and get a beer. A few stern words by people with some common sense and the effects of adrenaline wearing off saw him make his way to hospital and receive 9 stitches. I think he should get a tattoo above the scar which says “Paterson Rocks”. Somehow the injury tally remained remarkably low and we were often checking the radios to make sure they were still working because everything was so quiet.

I am starting the list of things I can improve for next year however I think the most important thing was the overall vibe. A smallish boutique event has a lot of charm that I don’t think we will be able to recapture if the race gets too large. There will have to be a lot of thought go into this one.

Anyway, I suspect I might start riding my bike a little more and with the C2C running again in July, I had better find some legs FAST!




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24 05 2011

It’s good to see you finally got to do a lap.

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