Paterson – Vacy 50k,100k, 100 mile?

28 05 2011

I went to the debrief meeting with the Broughton Beef Syndicate PK24 sub committee this morning and there were smiles all round. Everyone was over the moon with the event and had nothing but good things to say about the mountain biking community. Happy days.

Afterwards, Peter Evans and David Cains took me for a spin in Davids rad paddock bashing v8 Range Rover to see potential sites for the event should the future sub divisions ever completely sell. Lets just say the PK24 has a phenomenal array of options available should the need arise to move a little further out of town.

Now I am not one to normally throw around the word ‘Epic’. I try to reserve that particular expression for those situations where all other adjectives fail. However, I am at a complete loss for words to describe the number of possibilities that were revealed in this drive. It lies several orders of magnitude above ‘epic’ in a realm normally associated with far away lands and whispered secret trails.

The network of fire trails on Peters property is almost limitless and we drove and drove and drove and climbed massive hills, crossed creeks, chased wild dogs (no, really!) and saw all manner of breathtaking scenery. With a little bit of help, this could potentially develop into one of the most incredible 100 k/mile races in the country. If we did nothing other than ride the fire trails the event would already be amazing however the possibilities for extended sections of prime single track are unbelievable.

I was talking to Tim about the drive after I had finished and the best phrase I can use to describe the situation the club now finds itself in is: “It would be a crime against mountain biking if I didn’t make the most of this opportunity”. In the wash up of the PK24, the logistics are already in place between volunteer organizations, the community spirit seems highly favorable and there is a charitable cause which benefits from the events. It is a win, win, win situation and my hands ache to hold a Macleod tool just thinking about it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to be a part of it!






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