HMBA social ride.

5 06 2011

The day started at Adamstown train station at 0730. Due to the weather, we skipped some of the single track in town and rode the road out towards Awaba. We picked up some dirt trails near Teralba and then AK showed me a new link which allowed us to get all the way through to Awaba rd via dirt. It was sweet!

At the rendezvous point, we picked up the rest of the riders and followed some amazing motorbike trail all the way through to Freemans Drive just past Becks Rd. The moto trail was pretty uppity to start with however it soon flattened out and while it was greasy and full of puddles in places, I still rate it extremely highly.

The whole way, I was struggling for food and since I knew we were headed towards Freemans Waterhole, all I could think about was Chicko rolls. When we finally made it, I was shattered to find they didn’t have any and had to settle for a pie and a coke instead. It was like instant legs, all of a sudden the pedals were easier to turn again. We rolled home via a neat little link which passed under the Freeway and several hills made out of teflon which were amusing to ride up.

After dropping the group back at the cars, we continued on and explored some fire trails near Ryhope before riding Wakefield Rd home. Our bikes were making unholy noises as the accumulated mud and grit left our drive train bone dry and creaking in complaint. We finished with Beers at Tim’s house and it was a sensational adventure. I sure have missed heading out on big rides to who knows where. Time for a few more of them.




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