Greenpoint Friday

11 06 2011

Friday saw the usual roadie commute to work although it had the addition of a strong wind which seemed to be a headwind no matter which way the road pointed. I had arranged for an afterwork ride with Gaz at Greenpoint to see some of his local stuff so I pushed hard on the roadie to ensure I wasn’t late arriving.

It was the most surreal experience transitioning off the roadie and onto the mountainbike. The MTB felt like I was riding a recumbent in comparison and the suspension felt like a wet noodle. My legs didn’t want to work either. They fully resented the change of riding position and took about 10k’s before they felt even remotely useable.

Gaz has obviously spent a little bit of time in Greenpoint and showed me a host of new spots that I hadn’t come across during coghead rides in the past. The highlight was a small section of trail that he had unearthed which formed a 1-1.5k loop with a fast swooping descent and a fantastic switchback climb to get out of the valley again. I was so impressed, that I did a couple of extra laps to really get the feel for it. The cogheads are going to love this one!

About 20ish k’s into our little wanderings, my legs screamed enough and we headed for home down the long fast descent that exits the reserve to the south side. Some ‘wise’ local had taken it upon themselves to cover the trail in logs which brought me unstuck. The first couple just looked like tree fall until I popped around a blind corner and went over the bars into the scrub. Not happy. It was pretty dangerous and I hope no-one else has problems there.

I groveled home, eating food and thinking about warm showers.

In happier news, the tour divide grand depart has kicked off and now there are whole heap of little blue dots on a google map to obsess over for the weeks to come.




One response

15 06 2011

I don’t suppose that you got a GPS plot of it? Keen to see the good tracks in Greenpoint, as it’s only down the hill from my place.


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