A ride to Ken’s

18 06 2011

I received an email from Chris (aka ‘Fezi’) and Grant (aka ‘Skinny man’) mid week offering a ride on some fire trails in the Watagans. Foolishly I thought it sounded like a good idea as I didn’t realize just what sort of legs these boys are packing of late (or how little legs I have for that matter).

We left Awaba and climbed Mt Faulk Rd and I knew I was in trouble when Grant mentioned he had set a PB last week of 18 minutes to the top! For those that don’t know it, it averages approximatey 10% and climbs somewhere around 400 meters vertical and 18 minutes is a smoking hot time.

It pretty much continued in this manner for the next 60 kms. I would get dropped like a warm apple pie on a cold concrete floor on every hill and the Ti Lynskey brothers would patiently wait for me to grovel my way to the top. The light at the end of the tunnel however was Ken’s bakery in Wyong. Sausage roll, coke and sweet sugar laden non descript slice.

Of course, this meant it was time to turn around and ride back again. I rode as hard as I could muster however the legs were pretty hollow and I pleaded for the boys to ride off and I would noodle my own way home. To their credit, they hung in there and set a few rendezvous points along the way so they could go off an smash each other for 20k’s at a time.

Of note: The Alfine fresh off the back of a service at Gateshead cycles performed flawlessly. There were a few clunks which were due to operator error (read: desperation) as I shifted under load to climb yet more hills. The situation which sees me currently using a front and rear ardent however will soon change. It was more like plowing a fire trail than riding today and a set of small block mistakes will soon be in situ.

All up, I think I struggled through 7ish hours of pedal time, around 120k’s and 2000ish Meters of climbing. Interestingly, as smoked as I was at the end, I could have continued riding for hours all be it slowly. Not a bad Saturday however a rest day beckons tomorrow. I have a feeling this will become a regular weekend ride over the next 2 months as it exercises every one of my flaws as a cyclist. The ability to deftly flick through tight single track is of little benefit on a 4000km cross continent road ride.

Good times, Good company, Good food, Good weather, Good trails. What more does one need?

Edit: Oooooh, I figured out how to do one of those fancy Garmin Connect thingos. NFI what happened to the track at the top of Mt Faulk Rd. Did I get lost and not even know it?





5 responses

18 06 2011

single track

18 06 2011

Good legs 🙂

19 06 2011

I273.4 km/h max speed now thats smokin!!

19 06 2011

That was how fast I was going ‘backwards’ up the hills

19 06 2011

I’m up for a ride like that this Tuesday if any one’s interested.

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