Feeling deflated

30 06 2011

My Neoair lasted all of 12 hours of use before I put a hole in it. I babied it, it was in a stuff suck, wrapped in a beanie and it only touched the inside of the bivvy bag. I cleaned the ground before picking my bivvy site to make sure there were no sticks or sharp objects. Ultimatey the result was the same – me lying on the ground in the morning. Not optimal.

Now I’m just waiting on a specialised patch kit to arrive and I am currently heading off to the bath tub to submerge the matress to find the problem area. This is what you get for being a weight weenie – people sleeping on a ghetto silver windscreen sunshade don’t have problems with punctures…..




5 responses

30 06 2011

…just cold feet when they extend their legs

30 06 2011

No bubbles! I can hear a high pitched noise from a hole but it won’t even produce a bubble. You can’t ‘feel’ the air coming out but you can hear it and when you put your hand over spot, the noise stops. Could that really let the freakin thing down?

30 06 2011

That’s sucky – maybe your leech had a dry run first 😛

30 06 2011

when I unrolled the mattress at home, a leach walked across the floor. Amusing.

1 07 2011

You need to learn how to sleep like a ninja.

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